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Mid-life.com will serve your journey toward significance by raising the key issues and network you to the top national organizations equipped to assist.

Many of us reach mid-life wanting more than success. More than just checking off our "To Do" list. We sense that life is fleeting by and we have not pursued our dreams and passions. We want a healthy, balanced second half filled with significance. Significant relationships, and significant impact on our world. This stage of life is often called Halftime. A pause in the middle of life to reflect.

    Have you reached mid-life and found material success unfulfilling?

    Have you sacrificed your dreams to achieve goals that have left you dissatisfied?

    Do you crave significant relationships and/or a significant impact?

    Do you sense a prompting you are here for something greater?

***Note: mid-life.com is still under construction. Not all content is completed. Last updated October, 2008.
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