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Vital Statistics

Mid-life is that time of life when we wonder what the first half is or has been about and where we are going. Sociologists call this period of disequilibrium "middlescence" or mid-life.

What might be expected for boomers in the second-half?
Below is a snap shot of where Americans stand as a culture in 2004.

Men in the work place
   Age  Number Working 
558 of 10
607 of 10
626 of 10
654 of 10
683 of 10

How does financial health relate to capacity for making a difference? The Harvard School of Public Health reports boomers mid 40s to late 50's fall into five general categories:

Category    %   Financial Outlook on Future Self-described Health Employed Income Post Career
Strugglers 9   Few
Pessimistic Not good No or occasional Rely on social or family safety net Not an option
Anxious 23   Small
Anxious Concerned Not full time Just livable Not likely
Traditionalists 25   Moderate
Confident in social entitlements Average Full time Expect to work in retirement Need income or inter-generational support
Self-Reliant 30   Adequate
Positive/Anticipating Above Average Full time or scaled back Adequate for lifestyle, some giving Active social/community engagement
Enthusiasts 13   Significant
Enthusiastically engaged Above Average Not for Income Able to maintain lifestyle and give generously Free to enjoy hobbies or volunteer activity

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A map of the road ahead will help you find important resources to get where you want to go.

Stage One — The Foundation of Success    

Here are the stages we see. As you click through these four stages ask yourself where you are in this journey. Knowing where you are now will help you to define the most important next steps.

Stage Two — The Journey Inward
Stage Three — Awakening Challenge
Stage Four — Reaching Potential
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