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- Understanding Your Wiring
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Understanding your wiring

There are a number of great tools available to you to begin your exploration of how God has wired you up. Each of the ministries listed in this section are specialists in this area.

You want to explore your natural abilities, your spiritual gifts and your areas of passion. There are multiple ability assessment tools online, such as the Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential (MAPP), the Transferable Skills Survey — just search on your favorite search engine for "abilities assessment test."

There are many good self assessment tests available for free on the Internet. Using your preferred search engine search for "Spiritual Gifts Test" and select two tests you like. Normally these tests will prompt you through one hundred or so questions and then grade you at the end, ranking your responses relative to thousands of others who have taken the same tests. They will provide you with their assessment of what your top spiritual gifts are. By taking two different tests you will benefit from a second opinion.

Even with this information in hand you need to process this inward journey with others. Below are a range of good options:

  • Work with a professional career coach

    Finishers Project Finishers Project
    There is an entire self assessment process available through Finishers Project that offers two levels of coaching - professional assessments self-guided and professional assessments with a live coach trained for both ministry and marketplace advancement and placement.  

  • Engage a small group of like minded people who have the same inner promptings for a significant second half.

    The Masters Program
    A distinctive three-year life coaching experience to prepare high capacity leaders for Kingdom impact, serving groups of Halftimers in a growing number of cities across the country.  

    Second Half Ministries
    Providing singles and couples in mid-life the opportunity to thoughtfully discover their unique design and desires and form in a few words their life purpose and unique contribution.  

  • Work with a larger group of peers over a long period of time with sitimulating study consider the many levels of engagement offered by a leading university.

    Columbia Biblical Seminary
    CBS provides ministry training for mid-life transition with a Great Commission focus. Their flexible programs and non-traditional delivery systems let you customize your training to meet your needs.  

  • A no cost option is to engage in the on-line Halftime coaching process. While the interaction is not with a live person, each has a unique internet experience depending on their responses.

  • Find a small group of peers who have the same vision for a significant second half and use the Halftime small group video series with an adult small group of Sunday School class. This is a way to gain input into what you are finding about your gifts and passions.

    Halftime, Inc
    Halftime is a time out — a time to think seriously about one's purpose in life and draft a game plan for the second half. It is a time when the quest for success loses meaning, and you ask, "Is this it? I've achieved some level of accomplishment, and done much of what I set out to do. What's next?"  

    Finding significance in your second half will cause you to ...
          - discover the primary reasons for your existence.
          - wake up in the morning with great anticipation of the day ahead.

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