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Craft a mission statement

A personal mission statement says why you do what you do. What you want to be remembered for in the end. It needs to take into account your gifting and your passions.

A certain amount of water has to have gone under the bridge of life before we can effectively begin to craft a personal mission statement. Many of us came out of college with very little real world experience and had to make choices about our career which we were somewhat unprepared to make. Halftime provides the luxury of twenty or more years of hindsight and experience on which to craft a mission statement.

There are three primary elements to your personal mission statement:

What kind of people or what cause do you care about the most?

What difference do you dream that you could make for those people or that cause?

What is your greatest skill or area of competence?

Draft your second half mission statement from the answers to these three questions.

To learn more about these stages Moses went through and how they apply to your own Halftime journey, follow this link

Halftime, Inc
Halftime is a time out — a time to think seriously about one's purpose in life and draft a game plan for the second half. It is a time when the quest for success loses meaning, and you ask, "Is this it? I've achieved some level of accomplishment, and done much of what I set out to do. What's next?"

Second Half Ministries
Providing singles and couples in mid-life the opportunity to thoughtfully discover their unique design and desires and form in a few words their life purpose and unique contribution.  

The Masters Program
A distinctive three-year life coaching experience to prepare high capacity leaders for Kingdom impact, serving groups of Halftimers in a growing number of cities across the country.  

Finding significance in your second half will cause you to ...
      - discover the primary reasons for your existence.
      - wake up in the morning with great anticipation of the day ahead.

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