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Finding Significance at Mid-Life and Beyond.

Moses is a great Halftime model. He was a leader and an achiever. At mid-life he experienced a crisis of identity through which God drew him, and when he came out on the other side, he was a changed man --a man prepared for the exact purpose that God had made him.

An important part of his experience was the Journey Inward.

Moses' Halftime Journey

Moses fled from Egypt into the desert of Midian to take refuge and live for a time in solitude and introspection.

Your Halftime Journey

Did God create you in a specific way, for a specific purpose on this earth? You pause to ask questions like, "What am I really passionate about? What are my greatest strengths and core values? What is my calling? What is my spouse thinking about his/her second half and what is our vision together?"

Finding significance in your second half will cause you to ...
      - discover the primary reasons for your existence.
      - wake up in the morning with great anticipation of the day ahead.

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