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My Church, My Community, My World

There are four primary arenas for second half service with eternal significance. Most people in halftime choose to serve within the marketplace (viewing their work as their ministry), in their church, in their community or around the world. Some people create a unique combination of two or more of these. This is the broadest question you need to answer as you begin to find your place to serve. You already know what it would look like to serve in the marketplace with more spiritual intentionality. One way to assess the other three arenas is to find a single serving opportunity in each one and test it out. After you sort this out, you will be able to begin to discover your best position on the team.

As a next step consider setting up a meeting with the minister in your church, and specifically asking them to help you find a serving opportunity that fits your gifts and passions within the church and also within a trusted ministry serving the broader community in which you live.

After you have served in these roles for a while, spend some time with your closest friends debriefing about which ones fit your skills, your lifestyle, your personality. Use these low cost probes as a way of sorting out which arena ultimately will be where you work to make your second half eternally significant.

Finding significance in your second half will cause you to ...
      - discover the primary reasons for your existence.
      - wake up in the morning with great anticipation of the day ahead.

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