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- Financial Issues at Mid-Life
- Setting a Financial Finish Line
- How Much is Enough?
- Managing Finances Well
- Creating Margin and Freedom

Your mid-life Journey — moving from success to significance.

Most people - even accomplished leaders - live without margin. They expend their time, capability, and resources to the max. They buy the lie that over-commitment marks you as a modern success. However, life without margin means little or no investment in eternally valuable initiatives. It is important at mid-life to discover that you have all the resources you need to accomplish God's call for your life with margin to spare. To learn to address the distribution of your resources — time, talent and treasure — so that you can invest in God's Kingdom and develop a plan that will take you there.

The service ministries below will help you envision the next chapter God wants to write in the story of your life.

Second Half Ministries
Providing singles and couples at mid-life the opportunity to thoughtfully discover what is truly important and adjust their lives to provide the much-needed "margin" in their second half of life.  

The Masters Program
A distinctive three-year life coaching experience to prepare high capacity leaders for Kingdom impact, serving groups of Halftimers in a growing number of cities across the country.  

Finishers Project Finishers Project
Providing information, challenge and pathways for people to serve long-term, short-term at home or abroad in ministry. Submitting your profile - your background and interests - you receive a custom list of organizations that can beneficially use you (and, if married, your spouse). Connecting with godly leaders will force you to focus on the important, on what will last, rather then the temporal.  

Finding significance in your second half will cause you to ...
      - discover the primary reasons for your existence.
      - wake up in the morning with great anticipation of the day ahead.

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