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- Stage One — The Foundation of Success
- Stage Two — The Journey Inward
- Stage Three — Awakening Challenge
- Stage Four — Reaching Potential

Your mid-life Journey — moving from success to significance.

STAGE 4 Reaching Potential

Moses' Halftime Journey:Once Moses focused his life's energies in obedience to God's calling, he became an unstoppable force, as the parting of the Red Sea demonstrates.

The last leg of your mid-life journey is the process of engaging fully in what you are called to do and be in your second half, finding a new equilibrium in life. It's about finding the right balance of serving, mixed in with your career, family and recreational pursuits.

Many find that after a while the grass that seemed greener on the other side of the fence turns into hard work. It is all too easy to go back to what you are comfortable with vocationally. As one person shared at this stage "my first half career was at a point where I could fly the course blindfolded." All the hard work you did of testing opportunities to make sure of your new calling in life will now pay dividends. Knowing that you are where God wants you will provide a foundation to build on.

Normally this phase includes time adjusting to the culture of the ministry world, learning new skills and assessing if you have found the right fit. Common questions include:

  • How do I decide between the serving opportunities I have experimented with?
  • How can I make it work with my financial situation?
  • Does the organizations culture fit my preferred work environment? Do they have a commitment to fully engaging Halftimers?
  • What is my highest and best contribution? How will I measure my contribution?
  • Am I growing closer to God and to those I love as I pursue a second half of eternal significance?

A clear map of the road ahead will help you find important resources to get where you want to go.

Stage One — The Foundation of Success    

Here are the stages we see. As you click through these four stages ask yourself where you are in this journey. Knowing where you are now will help you to define the most important next steps.

Stage Two — The Journey Inward
Stage Three — Awakening Challenge
Stage Four — Reaching Potential
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