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- Stage One — The Foundation of Success
- Stage Two — The Journey Inward
- Stage Three — Awakening Challenge
- Stage Four — Reaching Potential

Your mid-life Journey — moving from success to significance.

STAGE 3 Awakening Challenge

Moses' Halftime Journey: Moses had an encounter with God (The Burning Bush) and responded to God's challenge to live a life of significance.

With this renewed vision of who you are and what you were placed on earth to do, this stage of Awakening Challenge is all about exploring the horizon for how you will invest your second half and preparing yourself and those around you for your new view of the world. It's about preparing your finances, setting expectations with those you do life with and getting the training you need for this journey.

  • How can I begin to open up enough margin in my life to explore all that I feel called to do?
  • How do I prepare personally and how do I prepare my family for this transition?
  • What responsibilities do I have to my parents, and how will that affect what I can do in my second half?
  • What legacy do I desire to leave through my children and grandchildren?
  • What arena should I serve in, my church, my community or in some very needy area of the world?
  • How do I begin to find serving opportunities that fit me?
  • What unique configuration of family, work, recreation and serving best fits who I am and what I feel called to do?
  • What elements of my life do I need to renegotiate to enable me to pursue significance?
  • Should I stay engaged in my work/business with new parameters on my time and a renewed sense of purpose?

A clear map of the road ahead will help you find important resources to get where you want to go.

Stage One — The Foundation of Success    

Here are the stages we see. As you click through these four stages ask yourself where you are in this journey. Knowing where you are now will help you to define the most important next steps.

Stage Two — The Journey Inward
Stage Three — Awakening Challenge
Stage Four — Reaching Potential
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